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Chicken Tikka Masala

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

Chicken Tikka Masala is a favorite around here. I have tried so many different recipes it's ridiculous. This is the closest I have ever gotten to what I can find at a local Indian restaurant. Plus it gets better with time because the paste can sit in the fridge for about a week. Here is the recipe for the paste I use, as well as what I do with the paste on cooking day:

Masala paste:

1 yellow onion 7 cloves garlic 2 in. knob of ginger, peeled 3 Tbsp garam masala 1 Tbsp tumeric 1 Tbsp chili powder 1 Tbsp cumin 1 tsp cayenne 1/2 cup cilantro stems Handfull of almonds 1 tsp salt Juice of 1 lemon

Instructions: Place in blender or food processor, blend till a paste forms. (I pulse it until it has a very fine texture, but not completely smooth). Place in a glass storage container with a tight fitting lid. The paste will keep in the fridge for a week or so. Or you can freeze it. The paste tastes the best after a few days when the flavors have melded, but I always use it right away.

When you cook it: 4 Tbsp butter (or ghee) 1/2 cup masala paste

protein of choice ( 2 chicken breasts, or 2 cans chickpeas) 1 1/2 cups crushed tomatoes 1 can full fat coconut milk 1 Tbsp Better Than Bouillon (I use chicken but veggie would probably work too if you're vegetarian)

1 ripe avocado, for serving

cilantro, for serving naan, for serving

cooked rice, for serving

Cooking Instructions:

Add 4 Tbsp butter to a large sauce pan, melt. Add 1/2 cup masala paste for 1 min. Add protein, and sauté 3 mins more. Add crushed tomatoes and bouillon. Simmer for 5 mins. Add coconut milk and let simmer for at least 25 mins. Serve with white or brown rice, naan, and fresh avocado. Sprinkle with cilantro and enjoy!

Chicken Tikka Masala

The left over masala paste can also be used as a marinade. Take 1/2 cup paste plus 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt and use it with chicken drumsticks, breasts, or wings. Place in zip-top bag and let chicken marinate for at least 30 mins. Grill and serve with naan, a fresh Mediterranean salad, roasted root veggies, or raita (yogurt with cucumber and spices).

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