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Our Family Rules

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

our family rules

Every few months we hit a new developmental stage. With it comes a different set of triggers, unexpected tantrums and constant restructuring of everything. I feel like I am relearning my kids' personalities with every milestone they conquer. It makes us all very emotional and overwhelmed and wondering what the hell is going on. It evens out eventually... until the next stage hits. In an attempt to help us ride through these stages peacefully and mindfully we sat down as a family and talked about some ideas. my 4 year olds had some good ideas. We are trying over here. What are some of your family rules? What helps you get thru the different developmental phases? (and i don't just mean the kids phases, I mean parent's phases as well.) Please share your tricks that help you stay calm and focused on what is really happening. I would love to know! . . Btw, these rules are based on what we have the most difficulty with at this moment in time. Although I never wear what i get dressed in the first time so that one might need some altering. 😉 . . #damgypsy #damfamily #familyrules #mindfullness #staycalm #raisingtwins #raisingparents #peacefullness

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