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I wrote a book!

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

My first book is published! It was a long journey of self reflection and healing. Some of my most vulnerable parts are written down and now being shipped to people around the country. Somehow once those poems were nestled tightly in between the covers I felt relief, like I could breathe again.

I am an author. I keep repeating this to myself. I have many identities, but this one is one of my proudest accomplishments.

My hopes for this book is that it carries itself from person to person, bringing peace and connection. I hope my readers can read my words and appreciate them. I know some will not and that is ok with me. We are all on different journeys, with different histories.

My poems are raw, real, and racy, as one of my dearest friends categorized them. And like the title suggests, completely Ravishing.

I would be incredibly honored and appreciative if you purchased my book. It is on Amazon prime, and will soon be available at a few little boutique bookstores in Alaska and Ohio (my two home states).

Here is the link to my book: Ravished by Lydia Hack

You can also find the ePub format available for download here: https://payhip.com/LydiaHack

You can also find information on the book on goodreads. Follow my author page for updates and please feel free to leave a review for the book. Either there or on Amazon.

I appreciate you so much! You are making my dreams come true.

for real.

Oh. and P.S. the artist to painted the artwork for the cover is Cara Jane Murray. Check her amazing art out! She is remarkable!

And the artist who designed the cover, interior and illustrations inside the book is Mia Marie Overgaard. Check her amazing art out as well! Just incredible!

Follow me on Instagram @lydia_hack_ for giveaways, poetry, and food.

You can also find some info at lydiahack.com which is work in progress at the moment. Website creation is not my best feature.

Peace to you,


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