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New Name, New Updates

A few days ago I picked up the newly published book Me and White Supremacy, by Layla F. Saad (which I strongly recommend every white person read). As I was reading through it, it occurred to me that my old name DamGypsy contained a racial slur. I began to research it and discovered just how ignorant and naive I have been. I am so very sorry for not realizing this sooner, and not taking action sooner. I feel a bit foolish.

Starting fresh, my new blog name is Dam Rambler.

A rambler is a person who walks for pleasure, especially in the countryside. Also a straggling or climbing rose.

I am both those things.

kids on rocks
Joshua Tree National Park

I will still be sharing recipes on this site, but I will also be sharing snippets of what life is like on the road. We sold our house in Boulder City, NV and moved back into our camper full-time. We are currently living in a retirement RV park in southern California. It has been a challenge adjusting back into tiny-living, but we are getting the hang of it again and exploring the surrounding areas diligently. San Diego is 1.5 hours away and has been such a beautiful city to live near.

I am falling in love with the beauty of Southern California.

Side note: the reason we travel from place to place is because the husband has been rebuilding dams all over the country (hence dam rambler).

I have started homeschooling the twins. Our days look a little more like unschooling since I generally let them tell me what they would like to learn about. They are always baffling me with the things they want to discover. I am going with it.

I started remodeling the camper, have learned how to play bingo, and have began to learn Spanish. I am a year away (I hope) from graduating with a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I also did something incredibly huge: I published a book of poetry!

It has been an incredibly busy year with lots of emotions and transitions. We are trying to be more grounded, even though our home is on wheels.

I will be sharing more recipes just as soon as I get my act together. But in the meantime here are some photos from our time in southern Cali:

Naval Air Facility El Centro
Winter in the Campground
Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree National Park

To see more, follow me on Instagram at @lydia_hack_ .

You can also find updates about my book at www.lydiahack.com

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